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Top 10 most Popular Radio presenters in Kenya with the shows they Host

1. Mzee Jalang’o (Jalas) Mwenyewe

Mzee Jalang’o alias Felix Odiwor is a Kenya Comedian and Radio Stations presenter. He hosts a radio show on Kiss Fm under a popular Hashtag (Kamene and Jalas). Jalang’o gained popularity after his Jalang’o with the money bid on TV. He also featured in a Citizen TV Show Popularly known as Papa Shirandula. Jalas now owns a Google top Website Jalang’o TV as well as a YouTube channel.

He has also launched his interest to venture into Politics vying for a Member of Parliament seat in Nairobi County in Lang’ata Constituency. Jalang’o has 582k twitter followers.

Mzee Jalang’o at Kiss FM

2. Alex Mwakideu

Alex Mwakudeu is also another unique talented radio presenter of his own profile. He hosts a Milele breakfast show on Milele Fm. He performed on the same radio stations with Jalas just to mention Radio Maisha and his Current Milele Fm.

Mwakideu is a Coastal origin and happily Married to a beautiful lady. He also owns a car wash company in Nairobi. This investment was made after unexpected pay cut at Milele FM. Alex Mwakideu has 200K twitter followers.

Alex Mwakideu at Milele Fm

3. BillyMiya

BillyMiya is also another popular Radio presenter during the year 2021. He works a Radio maisha during the Maisha jioni show. BillyMiya is a joyful, educative and sarcastic presenter that listeners never get disappointed whenever tuned in to Radio Maisha. He also runs a popular YouTube Channel. He works alongside Mbaruk Mwalimu. He has 55.1K Twitter followers.

4. Mbaruk Mwalimu

Mbaruk Mwalimu also Known as The Story teller is a Swahili radio presenter currently at radio Maisha. He works in collaboration with BillyMiya. The two drive the Maisha Jioni Show each week from 3-7PM. Mbaruk Mwalimu has 4,721 twitter Followers.

BillyMiya and Mbaruk Mwalimu

5. Ann Njogu

Toto la Mama Ann Njogu is also one on a million women radio Maisha Presenter. She Hosts a Radio show tagged Staarabika. She is employed at Standard Group. Ann Njogu through her show encourages Kenyans to live their lives without pretence as she does.

Ann Njogu also works alongside Babu wakasyaka and nature’s an upcoming Presenter This is Gathoni. She is popularly known for the Initiative incorporated in her show to resolve disputes hindering good relationships among people- MSAMAHA.

Her twitter account counts 77K follows.

Ann Njogu

6. Shuga Boy Shuga Bwize

Shuga Boy is a Radio presenter at Radio Maisha. He is one of the positive presenter in the industry playing his role to the perfect performance. Shuga Boy hosts a Radio show in the morning in collaboration with Emmanuel Mwashumbe. Shuga Boy has 82k Twitter followers.

7. Mzazi Willy M-Tuva

Mzazi Willy M Tuvais a Radio and Tv presenter at Royal media services. He works in the popular National media Radio Citizen and Citizen Tv. From his Name Mzazi he natures talents in the country.

He is also an award winning presenter at Afrima Award. Tuva hosts Mambo Mseto both on TV and Radio. He is the CEO at Mseto East Africa and founder Mzazi Foundation.

Willy M-Tuva twitter channel has 291k Followers.

Award Winning presenter Mzazi Willy M-Tuva

8. Mwende Macharia

Queen of the air waves Mwende Macharia is a Standard Media worker under Radio Maisha. She works alongside Clemmo-254. Mwende hosts a Radio show at Radio Maisha that is Konnect Party which is aired live on Tv. Mwende has 147K Twitter followers.

9. Clemmo254

Clemmo hosts a show in collaboration with Mwende Macharia. He stays in Nairobi Kenya. Clemmo has 131k Twitter followers.

10. Ango Fred Obach Machakaa

Finalising the popularity list is Ango Fred Obach Machakaa. He works under Royal media services Hosting Rogaroga show both an Radio and Citizen Tv. He has 77k Twitter followers.

Ango Fred Obach Machakaa at Radio Citizen

Other popular Radio presenter in Kenya.

  1. Nyosh Gathu – Rumba at Radio Maisha
  2. Emmanuel Mwashumbe – Maisha Asubuhi
  3. Gidi
  4. Mbussi
  5. Gathoni
  6. Jaridah Andayi
  7. Melody Sinzore
  8. Vincent Ateya
  9. Sally Kadot
  10. Inspector Mwala
  11. Awinja

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