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TIPZKALI – A Free betting Tips provider in kenya talks about betting



Have you hard about the best gaming analyser in Kenya. Coming to think of tipzkali. We held a discussion and they responded positively.

Tambua Africa News- “Advice on Betting.”

As we have been advising our consumers and visitors  we still keep our advice and inform you that no man is perfect. As the saying goes hope for the best but be ready for anything.

1. What is to Bet?

“Betting is the act of gambling over something and you are forced to place a stake eg Money, or anything with a chosen value. A good example of betting is in football where you are to predict what will be the result after the last whistle. Ie 90 MINUTES.”

“You can predict in football on several Markets:-

  1. Wining team
  2. Draw
  3. Correct scores
  4. Which player to score first
  5. Under Score
  6. Lower Scores”

2. Where can betting take place?

“Betting can take place either online or Offline. We have different betting companies online”

3. Why should one Bet?

“People Bet because of different reasons but the main reason is to win and take a large sum of cash home. Others bet to see their ability to predict a win or loose.”

“So the main reason for people betting is to win Jackpots and become rich very fast with no struggle. “

5. What can one do incase he/she Loses a bet?

“Incase you lost a bet the first thing to do is to take a break. Never mind because it has never been a must to win. “

6. Please, advise on How to stake in Betting?

“To stake in betting make sure you are using your surplus money. Use amounts that you can afford losing. Never use money for this 10 things in gambling. “

  • School fees
  • Rent
  • Electricity
  • Business stock
  • Medical needs
  • Transport
  • Emergency
  • Employees Salaries
  • Loan
  • Etc

Thanks for reading this post. We hope you got some information you need. Please after reading this post it is our mandate to clarify to you that TAMBUA AFRICA IS NOT A GAMBLING SITE. We do not promise to give out money to anyone reading this. Tambua Africa is an informative website that only creates a sensitisation to the readers on what may be good or bad and probably which path to take. Thanks for understanding.

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