Who is Mwanaasha Johari?

Mwanaasha Johari is a talented actress. She was born in Coastal regions of the country. She is featured in the New Citizen Tv show Sultana that started Premiering on 7th March 2022.


Sultana’s real name Mwanaasha Johari. She is a Muslim but also speaks Coastal swahili. According to the information sourced from the Co-Actors Sultana is currently dating a young man that she isn’t ready to make public.

Stage NameSultana
Real NameMwanaasha Johari
Date Of Birth
Job and CareerJournalism and Mass Communication / Acting
Instagram, Facebook, Twitter@MwanaashaJohari
Is Sultana Blind in real Life?Sultana is a beautiful looking young lady who has the ability to see in real life situation.
HusbandSultana is engaged in a private relationship.
Co-ActorsLolan Kalou, Othman Njaidi, Mercy Shani, Aqsa Shani, Rehema Rajab


Mwanaasha Johari’s education biography revolves around Journalism and Mass Communication.


Sultana plays the role as a blind Lady In Citizen Tv show. She did not appear in the early episodes since at the moment she was still a new born. Sultana is the daughter to Major Jabali. All went wrong on the date of birth where Bi Salama thought she had died. Salama hurriedly rushed and picked the baby boy and exchanged.

Sultana is still alive. Salama is now asked to take care of the child. On the other hand Bi Ua suspects she gave birth to a baby girl. She is so much confused and not a tall attracted to Jabali Junior.

Get information about Mwanaasha Johari of Zora Citizen Tv, her full biography, date of birth, marriage and dating Lifestyle, Wealth and her networth, children, father and mother (Parents names), Tribe, official Salary at Citizen Tv immediately she discloses to Tambua Africa.

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