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Services Offered by Ngomma Value Added Services (VAS)

Ngomma Value Added Services is a Kenyan company owned by Clemo a producer at Calif Records. The company helps musicians to achieve their dreams.

Some of the services offered by Ngomma Value Added Service company are:

1. Video shooting and editing

2. Studio Recording

3. Branding and artist Management

4. Music Distribution

5. YouTube content Management

Popular Artist benefiting from Ngomma VAS services

A. Dj Shiti

Comedian, actor and Youtuber

B. Diana Bahati

Diana Marua Bahati is an upcoming Music makers married to the controversial Artist Bahati.

C. Otile Brown

Secular artist


D. Samidoh

Sings in Kikuyu Language.

Ngomma VAS Contacts


What is music publishing?

“Music publishing is the licensing and collection of royalties from the use of Musical Works (songs/compositions). Music publishing rights are made up of Mechanical rights and Performing rights.”

Sourced from Ngomma VAS YouTube management system news by TAMBUA AFRICA.

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Blogger and news writer at Tambua Africa News.

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