Blogger Robert Alai in Fresh scandal with King of Drama Ringtone Apoko

Blogger Robert Alai and Gospel music maker and the king of Scandals Ringtone Apoko this week have engaged into a fight. Reasons yet to be gathered,,,, Mr Apoko uploaded video one in Hospital claiming for the law to take its course.

Speaking to Bloggers and News writers he said he respected the law and believes no one is above the law. Apoko made it clear that there is still room for negotiations but this may be created after the two have engaged in a court of law.

Alai is required to engage with Apoko as he says and explain why he had to fight him in his vehicle.

Mr Apoko says he had spent his night in hospital since he was badly injured and was walking in pains. He also says he has got enough Money and owns biggest houses and businesses, ,,

He also drives heavy machines so he is not looking for pay but Justice in Kenya should be given room to take its path.

Ringtone Apoko

Is Ringtone looking for fame and preparing lane for his new Songs? No body knows if the two are looking for Audience and People’s attention. This has happened with many Music makers creating KIKIS to deliver new music.

We also encounter Ringtone on media asking for people’s prayers and also Requests for those who love him to take some fruits in Hospital.



Robert Alai, HSC is a Kenyan blogger and cyber-activist. Alai, who used to run the now defunct information technology weblog at has earned notoriety for his stream of social rants.

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