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Reopening schools remain at a standstill amid Covid 19 pandemic



The Ministry of Education has Once Again cast uncertainty over the resumption of classes in the country. The Education cabinet secretary George Magoha said Kenya must flatten the covid-19 pandemic before the decision is made speaking during the consultative meeting with the officials of trade union in the education at the Kenya institute of curriculum development on Wednesday , professor Magoha said that the ministry will not risk the health of school children over the same issue.

The debate on when schools will reopen has been going on since June professor Magoha said last month that the national exams are likely to be done early next year

President Kenyatta had directed the ministry to start preparing for schools to reopen on September each one will be given to reusable masks when schools reopen the suicide he also said that where water tanks will be installed in the schools so that students can wash their hands regularly he however pointed out that social distancing might be a challenge in schools but assured Kenyans that all measures are going to be put in place ahead of the schools reopening the government in education response committee which is chaired by Dr Sara Ruto has already made recommendations to the Sears to allow Smith reopening of schools the Kenya secondary school going council has asked the government to ensure all safety measures against the new corona virus are put in place before the decision to reopen schools is made

At the same time the national organizing secretary Charles Opondo said the government must ensure social distance in role in schools is adhered to and ensure enough supply of water for students

As students we want to be assured of our health safety in schools to prevent learners from contracting the virus while in school

Covid 19 effects

  1. The schools are closed
  2. No political gatherings
  3. Businesses were affected
  4. The tourism sector was closed
  5. Transport sector was also affected
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