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Reckless Driver causes deaths in Kitui, Enziu river bus accident

Netizens have expressed themselves after breaking news of a Tragedy involving a school bus drowning in Kitui County. This happened after a driver tries to cross an over flooding river Enziu. News indicate confirmed deaths are at 18

Twitter reactions on Citizen Tv post

1. So sad. But, remember this survival tip. It’s human nature to shout in such a scenario. But, thisdepletes the air in your lungs. You then ingest water and Breath in deep just before you’re submerged. Hold the air as you struggle to swim or get out. Those 50sec could save you.

2. I cannot cease thinking the horror the occupants went through seeing their bus sinking stairing at death, may they rest in peace.

3. I thought the government school buses should be strictly used for school activities and not social or political ones,anyway I pray for those involved


4. Passengers shud have alighted. It was walkable.
Bus went off the road to the left.
Water wasn’t deep over the road.

5. The guy standing on the right side with a cap doesn’t even seem bothered, he didn’t even change the pose… I am wondering what is going on in his mind he is not helping but then I ask my self can’t I see the driver I aware of all the hazards infront of him? Sad

6. My sincere condolences to the families.The background noise of people describing how they warned the driver but doing nothing to at least save a life,The world is truly changing.

7. How do all this people trust a driver to drive them across an overflowing river? So Sad!
Anyway may those who died rest in peace

8. Don’t blame the people inside the bus (It’s like you in a matatu. The driver can be doing everything right until that moment he drives into a ditch). Blame the driver first, then 2nd blame the govt (County and National). From comments, this bridge is a well known hazard.

9. Oooh my GOD!!!!!? So scary and soooo sad. Oooh How I wish they alighted the bus, and at the same time what was the driver trying to do do surely oooh nooo. You cannot cross a flooded river

10. Kifo hakina huruma, lakini mwenye alisema tungepewa meno moja kubwa na akili 32 alikua amefikiria ushenzi kama huu, unaona kifo na unasongelea,

11. Why did the bus driver make the decision to drive through the river? And honestly with all the taxes, can we do the basics like construct bridges? At least show concern for welfare and wellbeing of Kenyans?

12. This ia totaly being Stupid & Ignorant. the driver must be charged with murder
that water level cannot sweep away such kind of a vehicle
the driver intentionaly did that

13. When will we ever learn not to drive on moving water. Tires are inflated with air which floats when on water and car can easily be swiped away.

14. Poleni sana. Why do we leave our roads to be in such pathetic state? It’s so painful to lose lives like that! My prayer is that all will be rescued in Jesus Mighty Name Amen.

15. Sad. Very sad. Why did the driver drive on?? Did he defy the counsel of those around there?
Seeing that was a school bus, on hire perhaps probably, then occupants knows one another.
May the Living God grant the families of the departed the needed peace and comfort in Jesus name.

16. Iam wondering how comes passengers decided to take their life while seeing danger ahead
During this rainy seasons I witnessed mostly people from northern Kenya tunashuka kwa gari only driver remain in the car mahali ya bridge ama unsafe places like river or slippery rocks

17. Where are the side markers and barricades?
Daft individuals will time and again commit such careless driving acts but some basic safety measures would be life savers in such situations.

18. Such needless loss of lives. This only goes to show how corruption can hurt its people. These should be the priority projects for both county and national governments. I see a bridge which stalled in its tracks. Sad indeed.

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