Home Politics News Raila Odinga finds it rough after mentioning HUSTLER in a FACEBOOK post

Raila Odinga finds it rough after mentioning HUSTLER in a FACEBOOK post


Raila Odinga finds it rough after mentioning HUSTLER in a FACEBOOK post. He said political leaders must start practicing Honesty.


We must have an HONEST conversation about sloganeering that has the potential of upsetting the peace and stability of our Nation. Our youth deserve access to gainful employment and not barely surviving ANOTHER DAY.

The divisive “HUSTLER” debate cannot move millions of our youth to gainful employment. The Kenyan youth have pushed wheelbarrows for eight years, long enough to have EMPLOYED eight million of them. #KUSOMeetingNairobi.



  1. Meshack De Maiyo: So how far have you gone Raila Odinga,wewe ni kulalimika tu Bila kutoa suluhu,Ruto amefanya vibaya kupeana wheelbarrow,,so ni wangapi umewapea gari na kuandika kazi
  2. Carlos Lemiso: leaders empower people, they lead by example, they work to make it happen, they don’t believe in fantasies but they face the ultimate reality and find a solution….look where we are now, even mega companies are collapsing, some are struggling to remain a float…our country is surveving on loan….heri mtu anaye kupa mkate nusu than the one who is promising you a whole crate that doesn’t come at all..
  3. Obadia: We are hustlers a misuse of the word hustler is a insult to hustlers. .dynasties must [email protected] and you are still yearning for power. .so selfish ..leave it to youths like babu owino
  4. Mwangi Gathoni: Let it be known the fight was between noisy politicians but now is we need to change…..the gap between rich and poor is widening too much …its time to seal it…..BBI is just a proposal of hyenas on how to save goats…..
  5. Augustine Wanjala:
  6. If you want to continue dominating and ruling over your pple, the law of political conmanship states that you continue subjecting them to perpetual poverty. William Ruto being a political conman is applying this principle perfectly for his own selfish ambitions.
  7. Hustler nation is a cultic movement where pple are brainwashed…in this movement, academic graduates and those suffering from academic dwarfism are all the same(FOOLS).
  8. But i thank God that this conmanship of hustler nation is happening at the time when God has already annointed his servant Raila Amollo Odinga to liberate his pple to the promised land where pple SHALL enjoy economic freedom and unlimited opportunities for all.
  9. In Canaan where you’ll be leader, there SHALL be no Dynasty nor Hustler, we shall all be one pple, one nation under one God.
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