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Property destroyed in Kyiv as Russia Ukraine conflicts continues

Ukraine president Volodymyr Zelenskyy says No retreat and no Surrender to Russia. This is after the Russian Soldiers find their way into Kyiv.

The war in Kyiv continues disadvantaging Ukraine as properties get destroyed. The Troops under Vladimir Putin’s orders have used extremely powerful weapons targeting some important buildings in the city.

From the current Pictures the missiles have caused alot of destruction in the city. According to BBC reports many lives have been claimed as casualties number remain infinite.

The most affected are the young children and black people. Complains have been raise where black people are denied way out of the country. The world at large has asked Ukraine to obey the United Nations Laws and offer equality to Black people in the country as they run for their lives.


Military specialists have accused Russia is using Cluster Bombs which are banned by many countries. Shootings have become rampant across the whole country.

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