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Photos: Saada Fateh Daughter, Actress in Becky – Facts

Saada Fateh is a highly acclaimed actress who has showcased her talent in two popular TV shows: “Kovu” on Maisha Magic and “Sultana” on Citizen TV.

In the series “Sultana,” Saada Fateh is affectionately known as Auntie Sada. Her character is the sister of a retired Major Jabali, bringing a compelling dynamic to the storyline.

Meanwhile, in “Kovu,” Saada Fateh portrays the character of Alisa, a strong and captivating personality. Alisa is also the mother of Ruby, a character known by her alternate name, Trisha Khalid. Interestingly, Trisha Khalid is Saada Fateh’s real-life daughter and a talented actress in her own right.

The on-screen chemistry between Saada Fateh and Trisha Khalid adds depth and authenticity to their portrayals as a mother-daughter duo in the series “Kovu.”


Apart from these roles, Trisha Khalid also shines in the popular show “Becky” on Citizen TV. In “Becky,” Trisha portrays the character of Junior’s girlfriend. The tumultuous journey of their relationship is filled with ups and downs, especially after their engagement. Complications arise as Junior becomes a father to Becky’s son. Despite their plans, the engaged couple has yet to embark on their long-awaited honeymoon.

Both Saada Fateh and Trisha Khalid continue to mesmerize audiences with their acting prowess, showcasing their versatility and contributing to the success of these television shows.

Saada Fateh’s Daughter Trisha Khalid Photos

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