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[PHOTOS] Man sets himself on fire mombasa

28-Year-Old Man Sets Himself on Fire in Mombasa

In a tragic incident that shook the residents of Mombasa, a 28-year-old man set himself on fire. The incident took place in Mwembe Tayari area in Mombasa County. According to the Witnesses report the young man doused himself in flammable liquid before igniting a match, causing flames to engulf his body.

In a viral video that surfaced across social media platforms on Thursday, the unidentified man was captured setting himself ablaze while standing atop a concrete block in broad daylight as onlookers watched.

“He was seen pouring on himself a suspected flammable substance before lighting it, thereby igniting the flames.”


Local authorities and emergency services were immediately notified, and the man was rushed to the nearest hospital at the Coast General Hospital for treatment. He is currently in critical condition, and medical professionals are doing everything they can to provide him with the necessary care.


Man who set himself on fire in Mombasa is alleged to be an engineering student who protesting for the harsh economic challenges facing millions of Kenyans.


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