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Naitiri News || County Government pulls down Business Shelters

Bungoma County, Bungoma North sub county, Tongaren Constituency at Kabutefwe Naitiri business people have been woken to an ambush from the County.

The business people have been complaining of this ambush and the breakdown of business shades without any notice from the County government.

The county government has sent its offices to come and pull down the shades. They have been seen with the tools removing all the stamps from all the areas that they are not supposed to be. Residents have been claiming that the county government could have made it easy for people to know the logic and the Direct way stock strategy that they are supposed to fall in order for them to start the business since it is the source of income and employment Naitiri location.

They have also pleaded to the Cobb County government to have mercy on business before during this covenant in pandemic since it is not that easy for a person to survive through without any source of of income. They have complained that it will be so hard for them to go on with the business going to rent a business house is too much expensive compared to making a temporary shelter


Putting aside matters shelter they have also acknowledged the coming of Eugene Wamalwa and they have asked them to fast-track the project of road construction things commuters are suffering and not passing through the poor quality roads whenever it rains heavily.

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