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Mt. Kenya reacts after Raila Odinga visits Ol-Kalou


Hon Raila Odinga on 11th December 2020 Friday, Visited Mt Kenya in Kagaa Ol Kalou Constituency Leaders. He visited in Nyandarua County for a Consultative Forum regarding the BBI process.

“As we continue the journey to a more United Nation I this afternoon met with Mt Kenya leaders at Kagaa in Ol Kalou Constituency, Nyandarua County for a consultative forum regarding the BBI process. The leaders pledged to exert maximum efforts towards its success.” – Raila Odinga Posts


1. How will this document improve Kenya’s economy and creation of jobs for the youths.I really want to know someone enlighten me.

2. you are busy campaigning for BBI while our doctors are dying a united Kenya is when you leaders are not greedy of leadership.

3. You should be pushing the government to work on the economy first ,paying the doctors ,as the opposition leader than marketing something that can’t even help common mwananchi


4. You are a disgrace to this nation,BBI will not and will never unite US Kenyans but only a stable economy and acceptance of the election outcomes is what will unit us persants,Raila am telling you Kenyan Nurses, Doctor are starving because of your mislead and hypocrisy that would never bring anything useful to this nation.

5. The grave mistake you do is misusing the name Mt.Kenya by associating it with the likes of Kamanda and Ephraim as its leaders!!This is an offence to the respected Mountain and you should apologize!!!

6. Mt Kenya we are for William Karanja Ruto .. Not even your younger brother can stop us as community to support the deputy president come 2022, let alone these home guards.. Silent majority can confirm.

7. Bringing bbi in mt kenya is wasting ua precious tym how now when doctors r on strike n u cant b ashamed?i can candidly say all those leaders in that meeting hypocrites n some like waiguru r trying to reviving their political star which is in deathbed.

8. Why are you always making friends with outgoing presidents?
You did it with Moi, you lost the election….
You teamed with kibaki and lost the election….
You are now with Uhuru and you are expected to lose the election. BBI will take you nowhere. It’s only helping Uhuru to rule peacefully without your demos and mass action. You don’t know what lies ahead of you. Don’t be so excited. You don’t Kikuyu.

9. Can you first give a solid solution for our doctors, patient are suffering and they pay tax respectively why do this to your own people, but remember one day the poor may eat rich, eve you Will not provide solution as fast as the stomach may be in need

10. We are still mourning our fallen hero Sen. Boniface Kabaka, our hero who lost his dear life in line of duty….May his soul rest in peace..


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