Msanii wa tanzania anayejulikana sana ulimwenguni Rayvanny awakanya wanaomuhimiza asifanye collabo na wasanii ibuka wa kenya kwani wanadai kuwa atakuwa anajiangusha. akizungumza kwenye mtandao alisema kuwa yeye atazidi kuinua wanzake kwani yeye pia aliinuliwa na Diamond Platnaz.

I wonder why Kenyans don’t support their own talents because it’s now been 3 days since i posted to Support the innocent Soul which is hustling and trying to Make his way succesful

but Some idiot calling themselves big artists are texting Me and trying to Convince me that i don’t Support that innocent soul telling me that am lowering my name!!! The above screenshot is one of the Kenyan 🇰🇪 top artist trying to Convince me not to support the “Mihadarati Hit Maker “… ”

Bro i Supported you and if i Support any Other artist sioni vibaya because also Diamond Supported Me from Nothing todate am a BET WINNER so please Let’s love each other and Make East Africa Proud … If you text me again with such nonsense then Nitakuanika Kabisa watu waone una roho Mbaya … #PEACE #SUPPORTKENYANMUSIC

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