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Mixed Reactions after Kenya Power National Outage on 4th March 2023

Mixed Reactions after Kenya Power National Outage that left the whole nation in darkness for approximately 2 hours.

Kenya as a nation was hit by darkness after KPLC Outage on 4th March 2033 around 6:25pm.

A press release followed afterwards, where the Kenya lighting company announced a nationwide power outage immediately at 6.25pm.

From the statement, Kenya power said ìt lost bulk power supply to various parts of tye country reason being system disturbance.

To keep Kenyans hopefully, Kenya power promised to ensure it restores normalcy within a short period of time.


Kenya Power Outage took the Company 6 breathless hours, and at 12.00 a.m., Power was already restored across the 47 counties.

After an announcement made by Kenya power that normalcy was restored following a short Kenya Power Outage, low and high class Kenyans have expressed their mixed reactions.

1. Thanks Kenya power. We now have power.

2. Always immediately it Starts raining power black out sets in at Nyagacho – Matobo Transformer in Kericho (Kwa Sambu)
Note a small drizzle sparks power blackouts always, what causes this please?

3. No power in Kasarani,Sunton police post untill now from yesterday.

4. What are you telling us…no power in some parts of kikiyu.

5. Time to end KPLC monopoly, Williams Ruto opens up the industry for competition. Many companies will deliver power to the people at less than half the current prices of KPLC, and I know you’re aware.

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