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Tambua Africa No longer Supports TipzKali / Tambua Tips

We as Tambua Africa will no longer promote betting companies on our site. This has come to our conclusion after receiving complaints about them.

We may not disclose to the public since we have never come to an agreement with the two companies that is Tambua Tips and the famous TipzKali. But just from the complaints we get, the companies have been receiving their clients money without delivering their products. They have also kept their Customer care services a secret.

Why we were promoting their products

We decided to promote the two by giving them an opportunity in our category to reach their audience customers through our website by posting their news updates but we have also suffered a blow after getting it difficult to reach them and discuss.

We sincerely apologise for this to our football lovers but we just have to drive to this conclusion. Any complaints about the two companies should either be through the relevant organisation that may be of help like Safaricom who initiate their Transaction or any other law enforcement organisation.


Why Tambua Africa

Tambua Africa from the word is recognise Africa. We do publish the African made innovations just to add some coffee to their creativity. This is why we can decide to promote any African made without their consent since it is for their own benefit.

How to get your ideas on Tambua Africa

To get your ideas shared on Tambua Africa doesn’t call for any applications. Whenever we come across your unique information and feel it’s OK to share with our Website visitors, then we do so.

What if the information is not relevant or important to the user

We only urge the consumers to be cautious and have what is good to them. Not every information is to be consumed by everyone, we all have different interests. So if whatever you have come across is not right for you may be OK to the other person. Be urged to use the information wisely and also do a personal research about it before and after. Every now and then.

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