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Matiang’i delivers speech during the Devolution Conference 2021


Dr Fred Matiang’i the Internal Security Cabinet Security says Conflicts in Kenya that result from climate change have forced the country to redesign its national security strategies.

He did not leave out the issue by the National Government, he validated the idea to have security matters taken to the County level.
“Focusing on grassroot conflict resolution,we as the National Government support the push to have Counties develop their own security infrastructures.”

Will this realy work putting in mind that some of the important organs like health the health sector is now crippled after the Government shifted the mandate to the respective Counties. We have witnessed many not even two or three medical strikes by the Doctors and Nurses. This issue has always risen from lack of, or delayed pay.

He also points out how Counties may fall into conflict if resources are not correctly shared.

“New structures for conflict resolution such as resource sharing agreements between affected Counties are needed to avert conflict. This calls for a framework of resource alignment in security budgeting between Counties and the National Government.”

The frame work should be well scrutinised just to ensure their is proper allocation of Resources. But that point solves 0% issues surrounding resource in the country. Kenya has been a field of corruption where the corrupt go unpublished.

I just have to fearlessly say all plans from the government and moves are closely monitored by the so called Cartels. The Cartels themselves are not far away from the government. Though they are invisible or unknown but they are part of the Government leadership.

I boldly say all moves can only be successful and beneficial if corruption is brought to the knees.


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