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Mathe wa Ngara Arrested, Real Name, Facts you did not know

Who is Mathe wa Ngara that was arrested?

Mathe wa Ngara is a fifty-four (54) years woman from Ngara Nairobi. Her real name is Teresiah Wanjiru.

Why is Mathe wa Ngara trending?

Teresiah Wanjiru alias Mathe wa Ngara went viral on social media after she was put behind bars by the police.

Teresiah Wanjiru was arrested under suspicion of being a notorious drug peddler and in possession of millions of cash.

After her arrest news was published on the DCI social media accounts, Kenyans on X media formerly Twitter were shocked by the discovery, with some appearing to be familiar with the woman they referred to as: “Mathe wa Ngara”.


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