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To share your story. Blogging allows you to have your voice and be heard. You can share your story with the entire world if you decide to. One most common ways blogs are used are as a diary where the blogger writes about their daily experiences so that friends, family, and others can all be a part of their lives.

Earn a living. Blogging can generate income if done correctly. The top bloggers in the world obviously earn quite big, but even a part-time blogger can expect to make a nice profit if things are done correctly. The best part about it is that blogging is a form of passive income, since you can spend just a few hours a week writing a blog post and then continue to make money from it long after the blog post is written. you can monetize your blog to start making cash but we will be discussing this out later.

Find a community. Blogging at its heart is interactive. You write a blog post and people comment on it. This is a great way to connect with people who are interested in the same things as you are. Blogging allows you to teach these people based on your experience, and it gives you the opportunity to learn from your readers as well.

Self and Business recognition. You probably won’t have PEOPLE following you around because of your latest blog post. But a successful blog can gain you a big name of recognition in your respective field. Many bloggers are known as experts just because of their blogs, and some have even gotten booking deals deals based on their blogs.


How to Start

Learn how to create a blog now following these steps:

  1. Pick a blog name. Choose something descriptive.
  2. Get your blog online. Register your blog and get hosting. eg– TRUE HOST
  3. Install the designer — word-press
  4. Customize your blog. Choose a free template and customize it.
  5. Write & publish your first post.
  6. Promote your blog. Get more people to read your blog.
  7. Make money blogging. Choose from several options to monetize your blog. eg GOOGLE ADSENSE

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Blogger and news writer at Tambua Africa News.

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