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Londiani Accident Today: 7 Vehicles Crash Along Nakuru-Kericho Highway

Londiani Accident Today, 30th June 2023 along Nakuru-Kericho Highway

Over 55 people are feared after being involved in a horrific road accident along Nakuru to Kericho Highway at Londiani.

The accident happened at around 6.40pm, where an overspeeding lorry lost control, hence running over pedestrians, business people, and other vehicles packed by roadside.

"The truck was heading to Kericho before it lost control and veered off the road, ramming into tens of hawkers who were busy along the Nakuru-Kericho highway."
Eye witness

According to the sources, vehicles were hit beyond recognition. The rescue team is on the ground carrying out the save and recovery process.

The major cause of the Londiani Accident has not been established, but from the information hiccups, the driver in the lory was trying to escape, hitting a bus that was parked on the road. Unfortunately, the lorry developed a mechanical hitch and lost control.

"More than 60 people have so far been rushed to different hospitals in Londiani, Kericho and Nakuru where they are currently receiving treatment.." says OCPD.

As the rescue process continues, the authorities have said the number of casualties might increase, although the process has been negatively affected by the heavy rainfall that followed.

More information follows...

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