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Kazi Mtaani budget slashed by Sh1 Billion

Kazi Mtaani phase three receives a hit. This is after the National Assembly cut off Ksh 1 Billion from the initial Sh 10 Billion allocated by the National treasury.

The supplementary budget that has been awaited by over i million youths wont afford them a smile. The youths that have been waiting for over four month state how discouraging the whole process is.

As stated earlier by Hon Charles Hinga the Principal Secretary, State Department for Housing and Urban Development, Kazi Mtaani phase three (III) was to begin in March.

However no sign of starting the program has been noticed.


Kazi Mtaani initiative was started by the government During the Covid 19 Pandemic. It was to create employment to Kenyan most vulnerable youths living in informal settlements.

Kazi Mtaani started in 8 Counties employing 26,000 workers in phase 1. Later it expounded to 38 counties employing a total of 200,000 Youths in the society during the second phase.

The ministry hopes to roll out and benefit all the 47 counties in the county with enough funding support from the Government.

The selected Kazi Mtaani employees are expected to be ready to work under the government directives involving urban center sanitation (The National Hygiene Program).


Kazi Mtaani employees should expect to pocket at most 600 shillings per day. The amount is send the respective mobile money accounts on weekly basis.

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