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“Kila mtu ako na pombe” Bar Anthem by Iyanii now a skiza tune among the under 18

Pombe music the new wave by Iyanii is still in the music talk the year 2022. This song was released on 14th, September, 2021.

5 months down Pombe/ above the head has accumulated 3.3M views. This is a clear indicator that it is a hit music. The song is to be rated PG according to the Kenya films board regulations in the country.

This is because of the lyrics content. The words used are not suitable for consumption of people below the age of 18 Years. Just like alcohol in Kenya is not recommended for sell to children under the age of 18.


On the Contrary Pombe is an Anthem among the children. You will be shocked hearing an under 10 years singing the whole song accompanied with dance moves “Above the head, Above the head, Across the nipple” without any play back.

This is dangerous to the future generations. If they will keep this tag in their head, “Leta pombe.” Then clearly the future generation will make alcohol their first priority.

It is not our objection, Iyanii is good singer and this is a good music. But we cannot recommend is being played 24 hours 7days. If this is wrong then let’s all prove the point. “Can the music be played in the church? NO! Can it be played in the Wedding Ceremony? No!! Can it be played in the political rallies? NO!!!

Why is the song being played in school rallies? Why are the Djs playing it during the day when children are still awake? Why are the Public Service vehicles playing the music when carrying all aged people from Young to Old.

These questions have only one answer. Some in office is a sleep or not doing the right thing. We are not saying Pombe is the only song in questions but it serves as the best example.

According to the current Regulations from the Kenya films board, content consumers should be keen on what to consume. Parents are also encouraged to be open to their children more so during these long holidays. They are responsible of sampling what suits their kids.

From the comments on the official Pombe music, a fan has just requested the song to be made a national Anthem.

Iyanii Creativity

Can everyone imagine a country where alcohol is recommended to the CBC. As much as music is an art we can only recommend the creative part but encourage on best practices.

And this is what Competency Based Curriculum suggests.

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