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Kibra MP Ken Okoth Dies of cancer at 41

Kibra MP Ken Okoth is dead.

The family made the announcement at a press conference on Friday at the Nairobi Hospital.

Okoth had been on life support after his condition worsened; he suffered multiple organ failure.

The 41-year-old had been battling with Stage 4 colon


During his stay in Paris, he would often engage with Kenyans online to keep them abreast of his progress.

His famous post ‘napambana na hali yangu’ was in response to one Wambui who asked him on Twitter:

“Hallo Mheshimiwa, how are you faring? You crossed my mind today. I’m praying for your quick recovery.”

He revealed how ‘Chemo drugs are brutal….’ almost a year after he was put through vigorous treatment that combined radio and chemotherapy to avert the impending risk of organ failure.

During a past interview, Okoth told a local newspaper how he had been on treatment for ulcers and bacterial infections for about a year, not knowing he had cancer.

Doctors had also prescribed for him pills to manage stress and anxiety. It was only when he sought a second opinion that he discovered that he had colorectal cancer.

The disease develops from both the colon and rectum and is regarded as the second and third leading cause of cancer deaths.


Last year, Okoth expressed his intentions to introduce a Bill to decriminalise the growth and use of cannabis, also known as marijuana.

The legislator, wrote to national assembly speaker Justin Muturi to petition for the legalisation of the herb’s use in the country.

He returned from France early this month to a rousing welcome from Kenyans who had rallied behind him, lauding him for his brevity in fighting cancer.

Kenyans had become used to seeing him only online as he shared posts from miles away but seeing him face to face on his return was elating.

When he appeared in public at the annual Kibra Music Festival on July 6, messages of ‘Welcome Home’ flooded his timeline.

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