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Key Points ODM leader Odinga wants changed in the Constitution || BBI

The ODM leader Raila Odinga has been the key fighter of fairness in matters Democracy. He has advocated for fairness in general elections something that has been eating his up since the up pick of his Political Career. Coming up With handshake and BBI Report he has some few laws in the constitution that he wants changed.

  1. “We need an inclusive government that has a president, prime minister and deputy president. Other countries like Tanzania and France have this model and it serves them well,” he said.
  2. “A president should not be going to Parliament all the time but a prime minister can go to the National Assembly to answer questions on government programmes.”
  3. “As it is now, Chief Justice David Maraga can say this is the right procedure but President Uhuru Kenyatta keeps mum. Kenyatta can wish to push his agenda through, but Maraga does not allow him. For a smoother relationship among government arms, let us review the Constitution. Those saying we are doing this to create jobs for some people are liars,”
  4. “Let us have a maximum of 18 counties, much like the Bomas Draft which had between 14 and 18 and 73 administrative units. This will save Kenya some funds contrary to the propaganda of those opposed to reviewing the law. Let us have a proper working structure that serves us well.”
  5. “Governors have realised the counties are very small. That is why you are witnessing the creation of many regional blocs in Nyanza, Western, Eastern, Coast and Mt Kenya.”

Hon. Priscilla Nyokabi Speaking to K24 OVER THE AMENDMENTS : It is true that the constitution needs to be implemented, especially the two thirds gender rule, but it is also true that there are parts of the constitution that need amendment


“Instead of amending the constitution to reward Raila for going silent when Uhuru is mismanaging the country and the economy unlike before the handshake, does not sound good for the country, he should resign and let @RailaOdinga complete his remaining term.” Charles Njeru Kigoro REPLIED


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