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Kenyans Cry out TipzKali Company to stop STEALING from them

A bet analysers has been warned to take caution before things get wrong. TipzKali has been sending people messages on how they can win bigger amounts of money but all ends in vein.

We have also received some of the screenshot of messages sent by the organisation. They happen to promise their users a win on the tips but after money is send, they don’t deliver.

“Hi I’ve paid for bettings tips on tipzkali & haven’t received them yet” Messages mistakenly channel to Tambua Africa.

We now urge the company to stop stealing from Poor Citizens in the name of promising big wins.



It is therefore our humble request that,

Users are tired of searching your contacts. You are advised to share with us your Customer service number so that we can publish on this blog. Or share alongside your daily Campaign messages.

Not living out we also caution TAMBUA TIPS to share their contacts alongside their massages.

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Blogger and news writer at Tambua Africa News.

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