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Ken Walibora: Authors converge to Celebrate the Late Prof. Ken Walibora

Kitale, Kenya, Saturday, 8th April 2023, Authors converge at the late Prof. Ken Walibora’s home to celebrate him 3 years after his death.

Prof Ken Walibora alias Ken Waliaula was a king of Swahili writing. He was born on 6 January 1965.

He was born in Baraki, Bungoma County, in western Kenya.

Professor Ken Walibora’s death, according to the statements , was a result of bleeding after being hit by a bus on Landhies Road on April 10, 2020..

Today, writers, fans, and coworkers are meeting at his home in Kitale to first celebrate his work and efforts in Swahili as well as offer their last respect.


This is an opportunity since during the funeral time and burial ceremony of Prof. Ken Walibora, there were government restrictions after the spread of Covid-19.

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