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Keagan Githua’s Murder Prime Suspect Arrested and Weapon Recovered

Police arrest the prime suspect in Keagan Githua’s murder arrested.

Devone Mboya Odero was arrested last evening in Githurai. Immediately after his arrest, Odero led the detectives to the spot where he was hiding the killer knife used in the murder of Keagan. Keagan was stabbed on the chest by robbers on a motorbike. The robbers afterwards took away a mobile phone.

Upon further grilling, the detectives have also arrested Dennis Kimani a motorbike rider who ferried odero to Ngomongo area.

Below is the full statement issued by the DCI on Twitter upon the arrest of the prime suspect in Keagan Githua’s Murder.


The prime suspect behind the brutal killing of Keagan Githua, has been arrested and the killer weapon recovered. Feelings Devone Mboya Odero, was arrested last evening at the busy Githurai matatu termini,


where he hanged around and operated as a ‘kamagira’, preying on unsuspecting members of the public. Immediately after his arrest, the suspect led detectives to the spot where he had hidden the killer knife used in the murder of Keagan, who was stabbed on the chest by robbers on a

motorbike after they took away his mobile phone. Upon further grilling last night, Odero also led detectives to Dennis Mburu Kimani, the motorbike rider who ferried him to Ridgeways on the morning of the attack. Kimani, was arrested in Ngomongo area of Githurai and his motorbike

impounded, following a brief chase as he tried to evade the detectives’ dragnet. The arrest of the duo comes after detectives completed investigations into the macabre killing of the 24-year-old on October 30, 2022, leading to a public outcry on the rising cases of attacks

targeting innocent victims in the city. Read Part of DCI statement on Twitter.

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