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Kazi Mtaani Final List of Shortlisted Candidates – NEWS TODAY

As the new year begins the Kazi Mtaani application and Employment process continues. Speaking in the streets Kenyans have expressed their fears to wait for the final employment list. It has been one month since the Application process was carried out. However having been patient fir a long time the candidates are now calling on the government to fasten the process.

It was revealed earlier by the Ps Hon Charles Hinga indicating that they are in the validation step. Validation is the process at which all applicants were required to revisit their online profile and confirm the accuracy of data submitted. This was done through the Kazi Mtaani Online Portal.

Kazi mtaani was recently launched by HE the president Uhuru Kenyatta to help create employment to the Kenyan Youths.

The purpose of this initiative was to help keep Youths occupied during the Covid-19 pandemic that saw many loose their Jobs.


News hitting the Tambua Africa table states how candidates are becoming impatient. Some are calling on Hon Hinga to surface himself and address the issue. They are calling for the final Kazi Mtaani Shortlisted Candidates list.

They also state the reason why push for the list. This is to help many who may not be lucky start hunting for other jobs in the country as early as the new year starts.

Latest Kazi Mtaani News – Hon Charles Hinga has assured the youth to keep on being patient as the Parliament resumes its business after recess.

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