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“It’s a Wrap” Kaka Reveals When Sultana will End

Sultana Citizen Tv is coming to an end. This bad news to the viewers who love the show was revealed by Kaka real name Dennis Humphrey.

Through his Instagram post, Kaka says it’s a wrap, which means the Sultana season finale.

In his post, Kaka thanks fans for being part of the famous sultana Citizen Tv series. He also goes ahead thanking producers Lulu Hassan and Rashid Abdallah, writers, crew, and the full Sultana Citizen Tv cast.

Dennis Humphrey, who was very emotional revealing when sultana Citizen Tv show will end, left a very heartfelt thanks message, wishing everyone good time until the next assignment.


“It was a beautiful experience, On the next task inshallah.”

Although it has not been put publicly on what is coming after Sultana, it is clear that the new advertisement “Coming soon on Citizen Tv will be replacing Sultana.”

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