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Huawei Security Scare || 5G is Unstoppable

The 5G revolution is unstoppable, whatever our fears might be about the possible health impact. China is far advanced of Europe and America in 5G research and telecom giant Huawei is its flagbearer.

 In January, the UK announced that Huawei could provide 35 percent of its new 5G network but it has now backtracked under American pressure. This week the UK has announced that all Huawei equipment must be removed from its 5G network by 2027.

The official reason is that China could snoop on UK communications if it had access to the 5G network.

This is absurd. The UK’s own intelligence service has publicly stated that there is no great risk of information being grabbed from Huawei routers. 


The real reason is commercial. European and American manufacturers need time to catch up with Chinese companies who are probably five years ahead of them in developing 5G technology.

The Communication Authority of Kenya should make certain that local telecom companies do not get sucked into this fake security scare. Safaricom, Airtel and Telkom Kenya should be allowed to buy whatever equipment they think is best for 5G in Kenya.

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