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How to confirm KPSEA, KCPE and KCSE Registration details 2022

KPSEA, KCPE and KCSE registration 2022

KNEC portal has been shut down and no more registration is in progress. This was after the announcement that gave all learners, Headteacher and parents 15 days to submit their candidates interest in national examinations 2022.

Official registration process kick started late April to mid May 15th 2022.

After this period KNEC Council gave a 15 days grace period for errors correction and confirmation by tye school heads.

Simple steps to confirm registration details;

Head teachers, parents and candidates can now confirm the registration details for 2022 KPSEA, KCPE and KCSE examinations by sending an SMS to 20076.


“Use this format; (Exam)(Index Number), for example; KCPE36611030002 and send to 20076. You will receive a confirmation message.”

How to Check registration via SMS

Exam Code Example
KPSEA 20076KCPE(Registration number)
KCPE 20076KCPE(index number)
KCSE 20076KCPE(Index Number)

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