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Good News to Kazi Mtaani Shortlisted Candidates after Hinga says this on Twitter


Kazi Mtaani Shortlisted Candidates to smile and restore their lost hopes. This is after Principal Secretary State Department for Housing and Urban Development Hon Charles Hinga Mwaura issues a statement about the Phase 3 recruitment and employment.

The initiative that was brought into place by the Government to employ the youth and keep them engaged during the Covid-19 pandemic is to check in for the third phase after Phase two ends in March 2022.

Many unemployed Citizens found their way to the Kazi Mtaani application portal where they submitted their interest in the Market cleaning job. However it has not been encouraging at all after all went silent not to know who features in the final list and who is not.

The major reason for this delay according to Charles Hinga is that the national Parliament is an independent body and it governs its own timeliness and affairs so the house had gone on recess.

It was also noted that it is the Parliament that is awaited to approve the Supplementary Budget that will fund Kazi Mtaani. According to his Twitter account hinga stated that the MPs are back and there is now hope that the process will be faster than expected.

“On Kazi Mtaani, we are still awaiting supplementary budget to be presented to parliament. Now that MPs are back from recess we hope the process will be fast tracked. Parliament is an independent body and it governs its own timelines & affairs.”

Kazi Mtaani Phase 3 Recruitment process

1. Online Application

The first step for the Recruitment process was online applications. Here is where interested candidates were advised to submit their National and academic certificates. Some of the documents that were to be submitted are the National Identification Card, The police Clearance certificate (Good Conduct) and the Education level ie Class 8 KCPE certificate and KCSE as an added advantage.

2. Verification and Validation

After the application is done online the organisation now moves into Validation process. Thus is where all Candidates are expected to Check and verify their Account details to avoid unnecessary errors. This was already done after the PS Hinga communicated.

3. Generation of the Shortlisted Candidates

This is the step where successful candidates are Shortlisted and communicated to confirm their availability and reporting dates. Only the Shortlisted Candidates are communicated to. So if you don’t get the message then you have to move on with life.

4. When and Where to start your Kazi Mtaani Job.

The selected Kazi Mtaani candidates are posted to start their work.

Kazi mtaani payments are executed weekly through mobile money.

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