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Former prime Minister Raila Odinga faces it rough after posting this on TWITTER

Kenyans have expressed their toughest reactions after former prime Minister Raila Odinga posted new year’s wishes on social media.

“2020 was difficult on many fronts. We thank the Almighty for standing with us and salute Kenyans for the resilience.”

“There is hope and much to be done as we begin 2021. Let’s continue praying and working for the well-being and prosperity of our country. Happy New Year Kenyans.”


1. One said he should only thank himself and family since there is nowhere he is fighting for Kenyans . He said Raila is only taking us backwards with his BBI


“Your should only thank your self and family since there is nowhere you are fighting for Kenyans .you are taking us backwards with your bbi”

2. Another poster told Raila Odinga to be open. He said Raila himself has contributed 90% to the difficulty the country has been passing through.

“Would you be interested to know that the political class, yourself included have contributed 90% to the difficulties?
Besides the locust invasion, all other problems have been made worse by the indifference and plunder by the political class.”

3. Uncle Richard: You are one of those individuals who made 2020 a difficult year. Your BBI (your pet project which you argue that it is our priority no’s. 1, 2,3) is a painful experience to Kenyans. I wish God deals with this problem with finality!

4. Ben Hinga: Difficult in deed. Difficult because you choose to drive a narrative that has already swallowed 100M at the expense of the most important thing right now. Health Care. So just zip up old man. Tell it to the birds.

5. Peter: Raila before you Wish us happy new year. Can you tell us and Confess what you did to our Good President?? We don’t recognize him anymore??? That’s from the time you went to the bedroom and Kitchen.

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