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FINALLY: Deputy president William Ruto surrenders to BBI

Holding a meeting at his home in Karen William Ruto with his team issues a statement on why they won’t oppose the BBI now.

They say the consensus has been given a chance and most of their issues have now started being included in the BBI proposal bill.

However the deputy President William ruto urged the other BPI stakeholders to sit down and calculate it out head into into an agreement where by the Kenyan citizens will not be tied to a yes no referendum but to be given a chance to choose and pass different proposals entertain other proposals depending on which they agree and which they don’t agree with.


He was still very much escaping the yes no position on his side. This question been very much asked by the media so that the deputy president can make his final stand but he insisted that Kenyans should run away from a yes no referendum or a win-lose referendum.


He said there is a bill that is being discussed in parliament and should be passed so as to guide the referendum.

Another very big issue that the group has issued is on the size of the Parliament. He noted that the Parliament is large and reduced so as not to overwhelm the pocket of the taxpayer.

They also suggested that there is a sense that will be used in the referendum to be diverted to the coronavirus expenditure. The suggested time for a referendum to be during the next general election whereby the schedule will enable citizens to choose their leaders as they vote in the referendum

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