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Fact Check: Veteran Opposition Leader Raila Odinga leading in Kenya’s Presidential race

Veteran Opposition Leader Raila Odinga ahead in Kenya’s Presidential Race. – Official results show

Just in Presidential Results 2022: Raila Odinga is ahead of his competitor William Samoei Ruto. From the official results displayed by IEBC upon confirmation of form 34Bs, Azimio candidate happens to be ahead.

This is only depending on the 26% votes counted.

1. Raila Amolo Odinga – Azimio Candidate: 54%

Raila Odinga the ODM chairman and Azimio has garnered 54% of the total votes cast. Today a historic moment was witnessed where the coalition organized a conference at KICC where the recently elected candidates on Azimio ticket confined for a 1 hour celebration of their victory.

The meeting was chaired by the Presidential running mate and deputy to be Hon. Martha Karua. From their official statement to the nation, Karua urged their supporters to burry any dought since they must emerge winners.

According to the Azimio Secretary General, they are sure of winning the presidency after compiling and adding the votes as submitted through forms 34As.


At today’s Elected Leaders Inaugural conference at KICC, I congratulated the elected Azimio leaders for the peaceful and spirited campaigns that enabled us to attain an impressive majority in various elective positions.

Kwa kweli, Imewezekana.

Martha Karua

2. William Samoei Ruto – Kenya Kwanza Candidate: 45%

On the other hand the Kenya Kwanza Team has also restored some hope to its supporters implying that by the end of the process they will emerge as winners.

All is well, relax good people.

Don’t be drawn into sideshows. We have no time for their usual drama. Our business right now is verification of form 34A and 34B at the national tallying center.

The process is rather slow as Azimio agents keep delaying the exercise but our agents are patient, disciplined and respectful to the IEBC officials.

If the pace is maintained and they are restrained from causing further unnecessary delays the winner of the presidential vote should be announced before the end of tomorrow, Sunday.

You are encouraged to visit the IEBC portal and with a simple calculator, add the numbers to know the winner such that the announcement by the National Returning officer will be a mere formality.

Mbele iko sawa.

Deputy Presidential Candidate Rigathi Gachagua

FINAL: Kenya 2022 Presidential elections are trickling vote by vote indicating that the competition was tight.

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