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Emerging news: KNUT and KUPPET seek renegotiation of several deals with TSC including the sh6,000 fee for training

KNUT and KUPPET seek renegotiation of several deals with TSC. They suggest The State to pay Sh6,000 fee for teacher-training and review of salaries under 2021-2025 CBA.

Teachers according to the employer are required to attend an update course to their teaching skills. The training rule was set in the year 2020 February. The amount is to be deducted each year from the teachers salaries. However the matter is still in court awaiting for hearing.

This is among the other issues filled by The President of the Law Society Of Kenya Hon Nelson Havi. Nelson Havi presented a case in Court against the ongoing Competency Based Curriculum. One of the major reason circulating around CBC is implementation without following the right procedure.

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