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Dr Magoha assures Parents over School Reopening issues || Corona Virus pandemic

Dr Magoha assures Parents over School Reopening issues after closure due to Corona Virus pandemic outbreak.

Speaking Magoha assured parents that on announcing of the Virus infection in the country it has been noted that the curve has started going down.

C.S Dr Magoha

This gives hope to the Education sector for early Reopening of school. At this time no school is reopened and only voluntarily teaching is going on in the Community.

“We are watching the curve for two weeks and after consulting The Health ministry we shall give further directions to the Education sector and it’s stakeholders.”


He however rebuked trending issues about teachers not getting their salary if not enrolled in CBL. He said that was a voluntary work that is not forced onto some one who is not interested. All teachers in the government payroll will still receive their Monthly payment.

At the same time TSC speaking on payment of BOM teachers has been delayed with verification of all the submitted data. It has however asked teachers to be patient as it works on the issue.

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