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Daddy Owen says Willy Paul is still the best Musician in Kenya – 2023

Daddy Owen, a Gospel music maker, has named Willy Paul as the best Musician in Kenya. Despite Willy Paul’s controversy in the music genre that he dwels in, he I still in the heart of ‘Vanity’ hit Maker.

Willy Paul is a Kenyan secular musician after kicking away Gospel that brought him to the limelight.

Speaking on an interview, Daddy Owen flashbacks where the ‘Kitanzi’ hit singer started way back in 2010ns.

I have seen so many talented musicians in this country. I don’t think watu wengi wanaweza fikiria ni Willy Pozze. Pozze is one of the talented musicians. I am not talking about the Willy Paul that people are talking about.


I am talking about Willy Paul that I have seen in the studio and in the Mathare Ghetto. He is a talented musician, dancer, with charisma and vocal prowess.

Daddy Owen praises WillyPaul

After dropping his peace of mind, Willy Paul did not hesitate to share his heartfelt thanks to Daddy Owen.

Daddy Owen, We Don’t Talk Much, But Thank You For Saying This About Me, Sir. You Just Encouraged Me In a Million Ways Man! We Live In a World Where No One Will Tell You That What You’re Doing Actually Good.

Willy Paul replied.

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