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Civil servants salary delay for July 2023, Government Explains

Kenya News: Civil servants in the country have been warned of delays in the disbursement of July 2023 Salary.

The delay in tye salary is said to be caused by a technical problem due to migration of the IPPD – (Integrated Personnel and Payroll Database) to the UHR – (unified human resource) system.

“This is to inform all the officers that the salary for the month of July 2023 will delay due to the migration of the old manual Integrated Personnel and Payroll Database (IPPD) system to the new online unified human resource (UHR) system.”internal meno.

The salary delay and upgrade process is to help the government deal with the transparency issues in relation to double salary and ghost workers payments.


Thousands of Kenyan workers have been urged to remain calm as the government sorts the civil servants’ salary delay for July 2023.

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