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Christine Nampeera is a beautiful Ugandan lady, influencer, disc jockey, and entertainer. She is a sister to renowned DJ Roger.

She is a blessed lady with a curvy body that men keep admiring and commenting about.

Recently, Christine Nampeera, who is 26 years old, born on the 14th of November 1999, has been trending after leaked videos went viral on X social media previously Twitter.

From the reports shared by locals, Christine Nampeera leaked video showed her in a certain club enjoying her time with her boyfriend.


The clip shows the couple in an intimate position, unaware that an unknown person was filming them.

Although Nampeera has already apologised for the incident saying it was a private affair urging all Netizens who came across the Nampeera’s trending video not to share.

Christine Nampeera is a popular Ugandan influencer with a net worth of approximately $1M.

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