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CBC Teachers Training 2022 to focus on Grade 6 & 7 – TSC / MoE

CBC, Competency Based Curriculum is the new form of learning in Kenya gradually replacing the old 8.4.4. This is an education form that bases on the learners ability more.

From the word Competency the new form is set to bring all learners to the same level without checking who can perform best in class but depending on what can each child do best.

CBC having picked and growing slowly the government has also been kept on toes. This is after the need of well equipped and trained teachers shot to the rise.


Speaking about teachers for CBC the Education Ministry led by Professor George Magoha came to the Teachers defence saying the country has learned and well trained teachers. Magoha went ahead saying the only thing that needs to be done is to update teachers to suit the new curriculum.

Professor George Magoha cleared the air by saying the government has been training teachers all the way from grade one to grade 5 and now it’s the turn for grade 6 and the first Junior Secondary class Grade 7.

“CBC teachers training 2022 Schedule will focus on Grade 6 and later Grade 7.” Magoha assured parents the ministry will work sleepless to ensure quality education for a Kenyan child is achieved.

Clarifying on the issue of Junior Secondary, the Minister gave private schools a go ahead to build Junior Secondary Classes. In his statement Magoha said Private school managers are investors who have helped the education sector through private teaching and they have no reason to be stopped.

The Junior schools (JS) are aimed to absorb all grade 6 learners after completing the Primary school course in December 2022 for 2023 academic year.

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