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Carlee Russell Found: Alabama Woman who went Missing After reporting a Toddler on Thursday

Alabama woman who went missing after reporting a toddler walking on the interstate has returned home, Police say

Carlee Russell is a 25 year old woman who was reported missing since Thursday. Her full name is Carlethia Nichole Russell. Her missing information hit the news line after she had made a call to 911 where she told the dispatcher about their was a toddler (child approximately 12 to 36 months old) walking along the side of an interstate on the side of 1-459 South.

According to CNN report, Carlee Russell stopped her vehicle to check on the toddler. She called a family member who lost contact with her though the line remained open, according to the Hoover Police Department.

Officers however found her vehicle and other valuable belongings but did not have any sign of her and the kid. This is in accordance to the police statement.

On Saturday 10.45 p.m Carlee Russell who had been reported missing returned home. This good news was made public by the Hoover Police after receiving a call through 911 hoover center.


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