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Caleb Odanga 7-Years old who fell from a swing is dead

Caleb Odanga, a 7 years old boy who fell from a Merry-GO-round swing during the school trip, is dead.

Odanga was a grade 1 student at Greens Angels Academy.

The sad news has hit the parents, school, friends, and relatives 3 weeks after being hospitalised and placed on a life support machine.

Caleb Odanga was admitted at Kenyatta University Teaching, Referral and Research Hospital (KUTRRH) and put on an Intensive Care Unit. He was battling with traumatic brain injury.


According to the doctors’ earlier report to the parents, Caleb Odanga’s condition had no chance of cure nor reverse.

Despite the hopeless report, the family remained hopeful for the whole period until the last minute the boy breathed his last breath on Friday, 1st September, 2023.

Caleb Odanga has left behind a hospital bill of not less than Ksh. 1.5M.

After the incident, the family of Caleb Odanga blamed the school management for not taking responsibility for supporting after the accident.

'Caleb Odanga is Dead.' May his soul Rest in Peace. Tambua Africa wishes the family strength. 

Caleb Odanga died on Friday.

Caleb Odanga fell from a Merry-GO-round swing and was rushed to hospital.

Caleb Odanga’s condition had no cure nor reverse according to the doctor’s report.

Caleb Odanga was 7 years old.

Caleb Odanga was a pupil at Greens Angels Academy.

The learners had gone for a school fun trip.

Caleb Odanga’s parents are pleading with well wishers to help settle the hospital bill that had risen beyond Kshs. 1.5 Million.

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