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Blessing Lung’aho Biography, age, Net-worth, Citizen Tv and Showmax Movies

Blessing Lung’aho biography

Blessing Lung’aho is a Kenyan Citizen by birth. He is an accountant and actor originating from Western Kenya.

NameBlessing Lung’aho
Date Of Birthn/a
Age33 Years in 2022
Spouse / WifeJackie Matubia
CareerActing, Accounting
Shows1. Maria
2. Zora
3. Igiza
Twitter362 Followers
FaceBook537,334 people follow this
Tvs and ChannelsCitizen Tv
Show Max


Blessing Lung’aho started acting at the age of 4 years. He first featured in a church acting the story of the birth of Jesus Christ.

He came into light when he also appeared in Daddy Owen’s song.

He acted in Maria as Mejja and Zora as Madiba.


Shows acted by Blessing Lung’aho.

  1. Igiza
  2. Zora as Madiba.
  3. Maria as Mejja.

Maria – Citizen Tv

Maria was the first Show that Lung’aho featured on Citizen TV. He played the role as an Undercover investigating his boss.

Zora – Citizen Tv

In Zora he acted as the brother to Kwame.

Igiza on Showmax

Blessing Lung’aho will be featuring Award-winning media personality and actress Serah Nandu Teshna on a new Netflix series Igiza. He will be acting as Dome.

16 Actors and Actresses on Igiza show – Showmax

Srl noName
1Serah Teshna Ndanu
2Jeremy Chege Kiuna
3Kevin Samuel
4Blessing Lung’aho
5Eillen Achieng Othieno
6Edith Ndumbu Thiong’o
7Ojambo Ainea
8Herine Anyango
9Kini Wakini
10Sheila Ndanu
11Sharon Mwangi
12Monica Wairimu
13Eddie Mbugua
14Keith Chuaga
15Pritul Raithatha
16Kim Mungai

When did Lung’aho meet Jackie Matubia?


Blessing Lung’aho is Married to his Co-Actor Jackie Matubia. The two are blessed with one child.

“I met Jackie Matubia at Switch media when I had gone for an interview and things happened. We fell in love. ” Lung’aho says.

While on Radio Maisha, Blessing jokingly warns Mwende to take care or else she could also fall in trap.

Blessing’s interview on Radio Maisha.

Lung’aho aka Madiba, Mejja was hosted by Esther Mwende Macharia and Clemmo on Konnect. The show happens every week day from 12.00 noon to 3PM.

First acting- “My fist acting i got Ksh 280K.” He elaborated on how he got a boom of two hundred and eighty thousands that drove him crazy. ‘I was untouchable but after that it followed a hard time where i had to tarmac for auditions in Kenya for over 8 month.

Igiza Auditions – Kenya

Igiza Auditions are held weekly at Kenta National theater. All interested actors and actresses are advised to avail and try their luck.

Photo Curtesy: Maria Citizen Tv actor Blessing Lung’aho

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