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Big Names in King Kaka’s 2nd Life Album – 2023

2nd Life Album by King Kaka featuring other popular artists in the music industry.

Kaka Sungura (King Kaka) is Kenyan rapper. He has been to the top of the charts with big music. He is one of the named artists in the country who fear less when pointing out the political impunity in the society. A good example is Wajinga nyinyi a rap song that he used to ask the corrupt politicians to start thinking about the welfare of ordinary citizens.

After having so many complications that brought him to the bottom of his life, God still stood by his side and enabled him come through life challenges including diseases.

After fully recovering, King Kaka saw that it was wise to thank his supreme creator through the art of music. He came up with an album title 2nd Life. According to King of Rap God has given his the second chance in life.

In 2nd Life {Second Life Album} King Kaka has feature some of the top Gospel and Secular artists in East Africa. Below are the Music Collaborations featured in the new 2nd Life King Kaka Album.


1. King Kaka – Amenibariki FT. Goodluck Gozbert

2. King Kaka – Asante FT. Kidum

3. King Kaka – Manifest FT. Nviiri The Storyteller

4. King Kaka – Wajionee FT. Iyanii

5. King Kaka – Atanishindia FT. Watendawili

6. King Kaka – Nakimbilia Kwako FT. Solomon Mkubwa

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