Hullabaloo Estate is a Tv program on Maisha Magic East. This show revolves around residents of the same Rental hence promoting the urge to love your neighbor and promote peace amongst each other instead of humorously solving conflicts.

Hullabaloo is acted by highly talented and most experienced personnel who have been in the entertainment sector for long time. This are the likes of:-

Hullabaloo Estate Characters

ActorReal Name
Alfonce MakokhaMathias Keya
OmamaNaomi Nyongesa
OndiekiHiram Mungai Ngigi
KokotoLawrence Gwako
AlexanderPeter Sankale
TBUSenior Muigai
NyabutoDavid Konana
Baby D (Dee)Caroline Wanja
NanjalaMiriam Osimbo

Alfonce Makokha, Omama, Ondieki, Nanjala, Alexander, TBU and Nyabuto.

The show on Maisha Magic East is just exclusive of its on kind after all the characters happen to be best at humor and comedy. This makes it relevant each and everyday since no one never wants to start a day and end it without laughter.

We also find the characters portraying different ethics in the country where real tribes are extracted.

Other plays on Maisha Magic East come from Tanzania where the most recent is Kapuni. Just as a way of promoting talents in the society Maisha Magic East calls upon movie proposal and ideas from the Filmmakers.

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