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Article || Ignoring London stowaway


A young man of not more than 18 years rushed towards me at London Bridge Station and said he just wanted to say hello.


A bit weird, I thought. He informed me that he had just come off a lorry from Calais, in France, to England. (The Calais ‘jungle’ camp has since been closed.)

The young man said although he was in a rush, he still had to stop and say hello after seeing a familiar face in me. My jaw dropped.

I looked at him with bewilderment. I was really scared for him and still am. He seemed to know where he was going.

However, as he disappeared quickly into the crowd after our brief exchange, I gathered that he was from Eritrea.

London stowaway

Many people who dared to travel to Europe on the back of a lorry have ended up dead. The young Eritrean is among the lucky few.

There has been a spike in migrants’ deaths in lorries in Europe this decade.

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