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Andrew Kibe YouTube Account Closed Citing Policy Violation

Andrew Kibe’s YouTube Account Terminated

Andrew Kibe’s YouTube account has been terminated. The popular content creator, known for his controversial videos, has violated YouTube’s terms of service, leading to the closure of his account.

This action was taken by YouTube as part of their efforts to enforce their policies and maintain a safe and appropriate environment for their users. While Kibe’s content may have had a significant following, it is essential to respect the platform’s guidelines and ensure compliance with their terms of service.

Andrew Kibe’s YouTube account has accumulated up to 474k subscribers with 3.1k videos.


The closure has propelled critics and discussions creating a trend on X-formerly Twitter. According to Andrew Kibe, the termination of his YouTube accoiunt is a small issue to his career.

Andrew Kibe rose to popularity after creating controversy with the celebrities lifestyle. He operates from Texas after quitting radio in Kenya.

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