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Amo Nail, “Covid-19 was a nightmare, but I had to act like a shock absorber.”

Who is Amo Nail?

Amo Nail is a Kenyan music maker and blogger. His real name is Amos Wanjala.

Fist case reported in Kenya.

I remember when the Covid-19 issue was first announced in Kenya. I had just winded up my week on Friday planning for which place to visit for fun during the weekend. Just after freshening up I settled to have a close follow up on what was going on in the country and entire world at large.

I picked my remote and tuned my Tv to my favourite TV station not to mention CITIZEN TV. The first thing that appeared was about the caution the country had to take since the First announced pandemic in China was spreading over to other countries.


No one was happy the Internet went on fire Kenyans Crying out to the Government why not close the Kenyan Airways. Not to lie I also posted on TWITTER, FACEBOOK, LINKEDIN AND PINTEREST including the viral hashtags FUNGAKENYA. Now every move was to be calculated with fears. Who could be in a position to know if it was already in the country?

On 15th March 2019 the country reported the first case. Kenyans could not tell what may happen next. I remember booking a home ticket for my family from Naivasha to the western region Bungoma North. Even before they could kick start their journey at the bus station, I also made the same decision. I boarded a parallel vehicle but we all arrived home together.

How did you survive that period?

I settled at home and composed my self. I had left my destination I was used to. A place I could stroll and raise a coin. Now at home I had no connections, but that was the only safe place to be with my family, HOME.

By that time we owned a Motorbike, I re- branded my self to a BODABODA – Motorbike rider. I registered myself as a member at a nearby market where I managed to raise atleast 500 shillings a day.

The 500 was more than enough for my families survival. It was so much terrifying, I did not know I could make it, But God has been faithful and Providing. We can’t say every was perfect and smooth but I have always Ben stuck to talking about positive things other than the negatives.

Covid has taught us a lesson. We should always learn to save some money for Emergency since tomorrow is never revealed to anyone except God and we should stop lying to ourselves, Tomorrow never plans for itself. We plan for Tomorrow Today.

Tambua Africa Reporter

Blogger and news writer at Tambua Africa News.

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