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Alex Mwakideu Joins Radio 47 after Quitting Milele FM

Who is Alex Mwakideu?

Alex Mwakideu is a renowned radio presenter known for his exceptional talent and engaging presence on the airwaves. With a captivating voice and an extensive knowledge of the industry, he has garnered a loyal following of listeners who are captivated by his charismatic style.

With his quick wit and ability to connect with his audience, Alex has become a household name in the world of radio. When he is hosting a radio show, Alex’s passion for broadcasting shines through, making him a true standout in the field. With his expertise and dedication, it is no wonder that Alex Mwakideu is considered a true icon in the realm of radio presenting.

Mwakideu made a significant move in his career when he joined Milele FM after his time at Radio Maisha. During his time at Milele FM, Mwakideu had the privilege of working alongside the talented Wilbroda for a remarkable period of five years. Together, they brought their unique blend of humor, insights, and entertainment to the airwaves, captivating listeners and creating memorable moments. Their chemistry and companionship undoubtedly made their show a must-listen experience.

Alex Mwakideu Joins Radio 47 after Quitting Milele FM

Breaking News: Alex Mwakideu Joins Radio 47 after Quitting Milele FM


In a surprising turn of events, popular radio personality Alex Mwakideu has announced his move to Radio 47, following his departure from Milele FM. The talented broadcaster, known for his charismatic presence and captivating voice, brings a wealth of experience and a dedicated fanbase to his new venture.

Mwakideu’s decision to join Radio 47 comes after spending 5 successful years at Milele FM, where he carved a niche for himself in the industry. His loyal audience will undoubtedly follow him to his new radio home, eager to continue enjoying his engaging style and entertaining conversations.

“It’s been five years at Milele FM. I enjoyed! Let me thank you to you, the listeners, because without you, there is no radio! You are the reason we do this thing called radio. Let me also say thank you to all my colleagues, the ones I am leaving behind and the ones who left Milele FM already,”

Mwakideu wrote.

Radio 47, a prominent radio station known for its diverse programming, is thrilled to have Mwakideu on board. The station’s presnters including Mbaruk Mwalimu and Billy Miya expressed their excitement about working with Mwakideu, hailing his talent and ability to connect with listeners.

Listeners can look forward to Mwakideu’s trademark wit and insightful discussions as he takes on this new chapter in his broadcasting career. While details about his show and time slot are yet to be unveiled, anticipation is building among fans who are eager to tune in and catch Mwakideu’s familiar voice on the airwaves once again.

With this move, Alex Mwakideu’s journey in the radio industry takes an exciting new direction. It remains to be seen how his presence at Radio 47 will shape the station’s programming and captivate audiences in the coming months.

Stay tuned for more updates on Alex Mwakideu’s latest endeavors and the impact he will undoubtedly have at Radio 47.

Radio 47 is a newly launched radio owned by Cape Media. Its sister station is TV 47 Kenya. Cape Media has not only gained Alex Mwakideu but also the multi-talented Willis Raburu.

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